The 4 Myths of Homebuying

And How Vista Homes Overcomes Them

New Home in Charlotte

If you’ve started your new home journey, you’ve probably heard one or two stories about financial woes or difficult builders, and everything in between. But at Vista Homes, we do things differently… And we’re here to debunk the common myths that might be making you fearful of what should (and will) be the most exciting and rewarding journey of your life.

When you work with a team that cares about your new home just as much as you do, you can be sure that the path to move-in day is smooth, easy, and above all else, enjoyable. At Vista Homes, our biggest passion is making people like you happy — and we promise that this is what you get when you trust us to build your new home in one of the best areas of Charlotte. Take a look at the myths you’ve probably come across, and how they never have (and never will) apply here:


Myth #1: Buying a new home is a difficult process

We’ve mapped out the entire home building process, step-by-step, so you always know where we are (and where your home is) throughout the homebuilding process.

Most of all, our team is just as caring as we are knowledgeable and skilled, so you can rest assured that any question or concern will always be at the top of our priority list. Check out what our entire process looks like, from choosing your floor plan all the way to move-in day, and beyond.


Myth #2: You get left in the dark.

Every single day, our team comes into work with one goal in mind: to build remarkable homes and communities for homeowners like you. Our collective mission to lead the industry in craftsmanship and service has helped us to become one of Charlotte’s most trusted and innovative homebuilders.

The Vista Homes team is simply there for you, and that’s what makes all the difference. Our core values of expertise and customer service, and a genuine passion for Charlotte and its people, allow us to guarantee that you’ll never feel left behind or misinformed about any aspect of your new home.



Myth #3: You’re alone afterward.

Have you heard stories about builders cutting ties with their customers the moment they move into their new homes? At Vista Homes, that’s just not our style. If something goes wrong, you’re never alone. In fact, another one of our core values is problem-solving, and if you have a problem after you move in, it’s our job (and pleasure) to take care of it through our home warranty offering.


Myth #4: You can’t afford a new home.

It’s normal to assume that your “dream home” would be more expensive than renting a house. The best thing about working with Vista Homes is that the home you’ve always imagined yourself spending your days in is entirely affordable, and we have a team dedicated to helping you along the way.

Whether you’re ready to buy your first home, start building a family, or are simply looking for your next great adventure, Vista Homes has your perfect match waiting with open arms. Forget about the myths that you’ve heard — with us, everything’s completely different. Put your new home in our hands, and we’ll take all the stress off of yours.

For more information on our building process, and homes and communities in beautiful Charlotte, please visit our website, or call 704-594-4174. We can’t wait to welcome you home!