Why We’re Different

When it comes to your dream home, nothing should stand in your way. At Vista Homes, we combine our experience, expertise and exceptional knack for customer service to create the easiest and most enjoyable building process possible.

What makes us different?

Our Process: Our fun building process consists of 4 simple steps:

  1. Getting to know you and your new home needs.
  2. Choosing your floor plan + selections.
  3. Construction of your new Vista home.
  4. Move in and experience lifelong happiness!

Choices: You can pick from any of our floor plans, choose from a variety of our selection packages, and make it the perfect home for you!

It’s All About You: Customer service is one of our highest priorities. You can expect us to be by your side throughout the process, whether it’s a bi-weekly progress call or a quick response to any and all questions.

We’re Locals. Vista Homes is passionate about Charlotte – its people, its culture, its past and its future. As new home builders in Charlotte, we know the area inside and out because we live in these neighborhoods and want to help you find the neighborhood that’s right for you.

We know how overwhelming the process of building a new home in Charlotte, NC can be, and we decided that’s not our style. So, we restructured the process to make it seamless and simple, because our homebuyers have inspired us to be perfectly different.

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