Find Your Perfect Hometown in Charlotte

At Vista Homes, we believe your home reflects the neighborhood you live in — which is exactly why we build our living spaces in the most vibrant parts of Charlotte. From edgy, funky NoDa to family-friendly Dilworth and everything in between, our team knows exactly what hometown means to you. Take a look at all the areas where you’ll find our beautiful homes, and learn more about a few of our favorite places to live in 2019:



In the avant-garde heart of Charlotte, the streets aren’t just alive — they’re lit. Go with friends, go with your dog, or just go by yourself and stop for a craft coffee or a craft beer before checking out something you’ve never seen before. From art galleries to street art and everything in between, every one of your senses will be captivated by this imaginative part of town that modern urbanites are so happy to call home.


South End

What happens when you blend historical charm with contemporary gems like self-serving bars, hot yoga studios, and street art for miles? The South End is a modern treasure, but it’s so much more than a “trendy place to live” — it’s a neighborhood where you belong, where your lifestyle is welcome, and where your unique perspective adds to the magic that makes this place so memorable.


Plaza Midwood

Life is better when you love where you live — which only means your best life awaits right here in Plaza Midwood. Along funky, friendly Central Avenue, this neighborhood provides a unique urban setting with a warm suburban feel. From edgy shops to rooftop bars to upscale restaurants, Plaza Midwood is a rare find that feels as familiar as home. Make your way over and see for yourself that all of the hype is real…



Just like the breeze of a balmy spring afternoon, Dilworth is the place you always want to be surrounded by. One of Charlotte’s oldest neighborhoods, Dilworth has a storied history and an exciting future. Most importantly, its present is rooted in family, comfort, and everything that makes life sweet. Refined yet quirky, cozy yet fun, this walkable town is exactly where you’d imagine you’d start your life’s biggest adventure.


Are you ready to live royally in the Queen City? Vista Homes is right behind you… For more information on our homes and communities throughout Charlotte, please visit our website or call 704-594-4174.