How to Create a Productive Home Office

More and more people have found themselves working from home this year. In turn, this has made having a dedicated office space that is comfortable and functional a necessity. One of the advantages of living in one our new homes in Charlotte NC is that our floorplans allow for a home office.

Location, location, location – This real estate adage is true even when it comes to having a home office. A quite space with a door and windows for natural light is preferable. The ground level of several of our floor plans have a dedicated office space. The rooftop and fourth floors of our other floorplans have a bonus room/bedroom or flex space that can be converted into a home office.

Design your room – There are certain colors that are known to increase productivity and boost creativity. Consider painting your office walls natural colors (blue, green, red, or yellow) or earth tones. Include a calendar to help keep you organized, books of your craft, and inspirational messages and artwork to help motivate you. Bringing in elements of nature, such as plants and other greenery, are also a good idea.

Set up your workstation – Choose your desk of choice that will work best for your needs. It can be a standup desk, floating desk, traditional office desk, or managerial desk. Then position your desk away from the door but not directly in front of it for Feng shui. You will want to make sure your back does not face the door. Get an ergonomic chair and add your mouse pad and keyboard wrist pad to increase your comfort.

Implement your technology – Technology is a big part of our everyday work lives. And power strips will be your lifesaver. Get a cord organizer to neatly organize cords for your printer, lights, laptop, or computer. Consider getting a minifridge or coffeemaker to help you remain focused.

Incorporate storage – Open shelving, built-in cabinets, and other storage units are imperative to helping you reduce clutter and stay organized. The walk-in closet in one of our bonus rooms can easily be used to create additional storage space for your office.

Bring on the light – Light is a key element to making your office space work. The natural light in your office will be a good source of lighting. But you should also have light at your workstation. A desk lamp, chandelier, and floor lamp should work.

A home office is easy to create when you have a plan. Our new homes in Charlotte NC at the Terraces at 36th Street, Plaza Row, Luxity Terraces, and Reece Duets provide an ideal space to create a home office. To learn about our townhomes give us a call at 704-594-4174 or email us at sales@vistahomesclt.com.