Fabulous 2021 Paint Colors

A new year is a time for reflect and go forth. A new year is also a good time to refresh your home by switching things up. This can be accomplished by painting the interior of your home. Check out these fabulous colors to can incorporate into your interior home design.

  1. Aqua fiesta – Gidden has named aqua fiesta its color of the year. This cheerful color will look great in small spaces such as the bathroom or larger spaces like the living room or kitchen. Aqua fiesta goes well as an accent or paired with pale gray.
  2. Blush – Don’t make us blush by telling you about this tone. This is now considered a neutral color that can be layered with other shades as well as leather and wood. Blush tones look good everywhere, but especially in the bathroom, closets, dining room, or study.
  3. Granite dust – Valspar’s color of the year evokes creativity and can exude a warm or cool feeling in any room. This light gray color is the perfect relaxing color for a home office or bathroom.
  4. Urban bronze – This is Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year. It is bold, warm, but projects a calming feel. A beautiful brown with a blend of gray undertones, urban bronze will be the talk of the town.
  5. Set sail champagne – Sail away with this color is sure to pop and make a splash this upcoming year. This comforting color is white, orange, and creamy and will make any space peaceful or dreamy. It will look good with brighter colors such as gold or green.

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