Five Popular Home Décor Trends

Are you looking to add pizzazz to your interior design? Take a look at these five popular home décor trends.

  1. Curves and waves – One of the top trends you will see around your new homes in Charlotte NC community is integrating accessories and furniture with waves or curves into your home décor. From cutting boards, candles, candle holders, coasters, and vases to floor lamps, mirrors, pillows, side tables, and sofa’s, bring on the waves and curves to get groovy with your home décor.
  2. Global influence – Pieces that have a global flair to them are big this year. Whether it is a piece you have picked up while abroad or a piece that has an international influence, look to bring these pieces into your home.
  3. Plant life – This year it is all about real plants. Not only do real plants help improve air quality, but they also can help improve memory, reduce stress, and enhance mood.
  4. Wallpaper – This trend has been back for a while, though it has gained more popularity this year. Wallpaper can be used in a half bathroom, nursery, as a focal point, and even as backing or lining the cabinet shelves.
  5. Warm tones – Warm color tones are in! Choose colors such as cream, gold, peach, pink, yellow, sage or another warm color to create an inviting space.

We want to hear from our new homes in Charlotte NC residents. What are your must-haves for home décor? Let us know how you plan on decorating your home with popular home décor trends.