Loft/Den Space Design Ideas

Our Mason Duets Charlotte NC homes community features a loft/den space in the Mason Circle 1 floor plan. This bonus room can be used for a range of functions including the four design ideas below.

  1. Craft room – This space is great for those who love to craft. A worktable is essential for any craft room. Select something that is durable enough to withstand your crafting, shelving to store your most used supplies, storage containers or empty paint cans to store additional materials, pegboard with hooks to hang crafting tools and your smock, as well as task lighting.
  2. Home office – With more people working from home these days, a home office may be a great addition to your home. Outfit this space with a desk, comfortable chair, storage cabinet, lighting, wall calendar, whiteboard/corkboard combo, and shelving.
  3. Music room – Vinyl has been making a comeback recently. If you are a vinyl collector or plan on becoming one, the loft/den space in your home would be the perfect place to sit back, relax, and listen to the sounds coming from your record player. Affix record album covers on the walls for art décor and get a record table to place your turntable on top. You may even want to either place the speakers on top of the table too or on the side. The table could also double to store your vinyl records and to place an amplifier.
  4. Playroom – If you are a parent, then a designated play area for your kids may be just what you need. That way all your kids’ toys are in one area versus strewn throughout your home. This room should be painted in a bright, playful color and include a mini desk and chairs, cubby storage bench, area rug, chalkboard, play kitchen, and other toys that your kiddos love.

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