Five Spring Gardening Tips for Your New Home

Spring has officially sprung. And whether you have just moved to Charlotte or into one of our Charlotte NC new homes, planting a garden could enhance your home’s curb appeal and improve your mood and overall health. Check out these tips below for starting your new spring garden.

  1. What do you want to grow – The first step in starting your garden is figuring out what you want to grow. Do you to grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, or a combination of all three? Selections should be based off what will thrive in Charlotte including such as cardinal flowers, marigolds, tulips, and wild hydrangeas for flowers, oregano rosemary, sage, and thyme for herbs, and cucumbers, green beans, squash, and tomatoes for veggies. You may also get great selections from local farmers or nurseries for tips.
  2. Where will you garden? – Once you figure out what you would like to garden, the next step is to figure out where you will garden. Plan out how your garden should look with your flowers, herbs, and/or vegetables. You should keep in mind how much space everything will need, pair like or complementary colors together.
  3. Purchase your supplies – It will take a lot to not only start your garden but also to maintain it. Purchase your seeds or young starter plants if you chose. Get your mulch, fertilizer, shears, garden hose, garden spade, garden hoe, shovel, rake, garden beds or containers, wheelbarrow, gloves, tomato cages, and anything else you will need to garden.
  4. Start gardening – Now that you have all your supplies ready, you can start gardening. Prepare your soil, get rid of any debris or weeds, plant your seeds, or transport your young plants into the soil, containers, or garden beds.
  5. Properly water and maintain your garden – It is important to properly water and maintain your garden for you to have a prosperous garden. Keep an eye out for critters, weeds, and other things that do not belong. If the temperature still gets low at night, a frost cover may be good to protect your garden from the chillier temperatures.

The above five spring gardening tips for your new home will help you be well on your way to having a great garden in your Charlotte NC new homes community. Happy gardening! We look forward to seeing your beautiful garden in the months to come.