New Businesses Coming to Wesley Heights Area

Have you seen the changes happening around the Wesley Heights area? So much is happening in and around the area. More and more new businesses are flocking to this area and setting up shop on Thrift Road.

The new commercial and residential developments are helping this west Charlotte area thrive and become an appealing place to not only play, visit, and work but also live and own one of our beautiful homes in Charlotte NC. The once industrialized area is now home to fabulous bars, restaurants, shops, and small businesses. This is helping a revitalize a once economically stagnant community. In turn, Wesley Heights is flourishing and creating enhanced economic opportunities for business owners, developers, and homeowners alike.

Wesley Heights remails set amongst the backdrop of beautiful treelined streets. Though there are many changes happening to the area, Wesley Heights is still holding onto what made it Wesley Heights – its original charm and character. All the while, Wesley Heights is increasingly drawing attention new opportunities. We are a proud builder of homes in Charlotte NC at Wesley Heights. Contact us today at 704-594-4174 to see for yourself what is happening in Wesley Heights and to learn how you can call this bustling area home.