Remote Workers Thrive in Charlotte

Though remote work has been around for quite some time, there has been a significant increase in remote work over the past few years. One city that has benefited tremendously from the increase of remote workers is Charlotte. According to a 2022 SmartAsset.com finding, Charlotte ranked six of 10 as the Best (and Worst) Cities to Work from home. Vista Homes is proud to be a premier new home builder in Charlotte NC.

There are many advantages to Queen City residents working remotely. Remote work offers a better work-life balance, cost savings, flexibility, and a shorter or lack of commute altogether. All of these can lead to higher productivity. People can prioritize their work while working comfortably from the confines or their own home. Remote work can make it easier to spend more time with family and friends. It can be easier to enjoy lunch at a local eatery or to take the kids for ice cream at South End’s Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams after work or the family to dinner at Hawkers Asian Street Food. The extra money in the pocket can go toward exploring the city and doing things you want to do instead of spending money on commuting or a professional wardrobe. Workers often have more flexibility to work outside of the home at local places like Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee in LoSo.

From bars and restaurants to sports teams, museums, and attractions, Charlotte offers remote workers lots to see and do. Remote workers are thriving in Charlotte, and it is helping to stimulate business around the city. Vista Homes is proud to be a local new home builder in Charlotte NC. We offer an array of available homes throughout several of Charlotte’s top neighborhoods including NoDa and South End. Contact us today at 980-600-3825 to find a home that fits your needs.