Our Simple, 4-Step Building Process

Our Simple, 4-Step Building Process

Today, it’s all about ease and convenience — so why should moving into a new home be any different? At Vista Homes, a stressful move just isn’t the move anymore. We’ve figured out how to make each part of the process go quickly and smoothly, so you can focus your attention on whatever else you need to.

We’re going to take all the worry off your hands before we put the keys in your hands. Trust us, this will be a breeze… just like life in your new Vista home will be. Take a look at the simple, 4-step process that proves time again that we’re always on the same page as you:


Step 1: Getting Started

This is when we get to know each other better (no online swiping and awkward intros here). You’ll visit our office, chat with a sales associate, and we’ll figure out your wants and needs for your new home. When you’re ready, especially if you have land or a good idea of which floorplan you want, we’ll move onto the next step.

Of course, if you don’t have land, it’s no problem at all. We’ll give you a “Promise To Build” agreement, which requires a deposit, and if we find land for you (and you decide to build with us, fingers crossed), the “Promise To Build” money will go to your deposit. If we don’t find your land, the money will be returned.


Step 2: Choosing Floorplan and Selections

Ready to choose your dream home? Let’s do it. You’ll finalize your choice of floorplan, sign a contract, and put down a deposit on your new home. But the fun’s not over yet… next, we’ll choose your selections. Once you finalize all options and upgrades within three weeks from contract, we’ll review everything before giving the “build instructions” to our team.

In our design studio, AKA your private office, you and your personal assistant will select flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, home entertainment, and much more. With hundreds of options to choose from, this is where you’ll bring your dream home to life — literally.

Construction Process

Step 3: Construction Begins

During your pre-construction orientation, you’ll meet with your sales associate and project manager (who will supervise your home’s construction) to review your floorplan, homesite, and optional features to ensure that we’re all good to go. Once your home is built, your project manager will provide you with a thorough introduction and orientation of your new home.

Next, your project manager will walk you through your home at the “frame stage,” so you can review the placement of optional features to confirm that it meets your needs, and has been installed and located correctly. Think of this as your “first look” — you and your home will live happily together shortly after…

Finished Home

Step 4: Move In

Need we say more? The last step is moving into your brand new home. After the final touches have been made and we ensure that everything is up to our standards, we’ll hand over the keys — and just like that — the best things in your life will begin right away. Welcome home.

But we still have your back after we’ve said our goodbyes. As a Vista Homes homeowner, you have a Quality Builders Warranty Corporation (OBWC) 10-year home warranty, which gives you access to prompt, friendly service that addresses any warranty concerns. Above all else, we want your home to give you everything you’ve always wanted, and we’re ready to take ourselves up on that promise.

At Vista Homes, we know ease and convenience like the backs of our hands. We also know awesome homes in Charlotte in the same way, so you can rest assured that working with us means getting the best of the best — in the best city in the world. Are you ready to make 2019 the year your dreams come true? We’re ready too.